SRI LANKAN CURRY BREAKFAST                                                                           £6.50

A duo of Sri Lankan curries & roti bread  Ve (swap out bread for springhoppers to make GF)


FRESH PASTRIES                                                                                                £1.90

Sri Lankan spiced raisin bun, croissant or pain au chocolat


PEKOE MELLOW GRANOLA WITH GREEK YOGHURT                                                    £4.90

Freshly made granola with almonds, cashews & fruits. Sri Lankan topping of guava fruit

compote with milk & yoghurt served alongside (skip yoghurt to make Ve)   


PEKOE MELLOW SRI LANKAN PORRIDGE - allow 15mins cooking time                              £4.90

Rolled oats, cooked in milk topped with mango, yoghurt, pistachio & cardamom 

Can be made traditional by adding sugar/golden syrup/fruit, Oat or almond to make Ve


SPECIALITY TOAST & JAM                                                                                 £2.95

Toasted specialty bread with butter & a selection of jams.

Pick two from a choice of mango, passion fruit, strawberry or marmalade


SMOKED SALMON/CHICKEN/VEG KEDGEREE                                                          £8.90

Scottish smoked salmon & eggs with spiced turmeric & cardamom rice


COOKED BREAKFAST                                                                                         £8.85

Sausage, scrambled egg, bacon & rosemary potato medley. Served alongside 

roasted vine tomatoes, toast & beans 

EGGS ON TOAST YOUR OWN WAY                                                                       £5.45

Free range eggs delivered fresh from Woodland Farm in Kent. Scrambled, poached or fried

(ask if you want GF bread)   


Add Smashed Avocado with Sri Lankan Spice cashew topping £1.60

Add Smoked Salmon  £2.00         Add bacon £1.00         Add sausage £1.40

   Add an egg £1.00    Add paneer  £1.00     


Ve = Vegan options available    GF = Gluten Free options available    

V = vegetarian options available