To provide fresh, seasonal quality teas, including those sourced from our associated tea gardens & blended on site, to create a finely balanced tea menu. 


To share delicious ‘deconstructed’ fusion teatime food with traditional British & Asian choices that fit in with any appetite & anytime of the day. We see this as ‘democratising’ teatime as this food & drink should be for anyone, at anytime & always be excellent. 



We believe our teahouse is more than just a teahouse, it is also a forum for sharing ideas & experiences through events and activities. 

We commit to sourcing our teas ethically. We proudly sponsor charity work in the tea growing regions of Sri Lanka as well as the war affected areas. 



At Pekoe Mellow we look to buy tea that we know has been produced in fair circumstances. The estates are part of the ethical trade partnership that ensures labour standards, and community capacity guidelines are adhered to.  Our ethical commitments are more broadly motivated by a desire to invest back in Sri Lanka & support development in a nation still under considerable strain thanks to its tumultuous recent history. The Manoharan family have supported projects in Jaffna for over three decades. In continuation of this commitment, Pekoe Mellow donates a part of profits from events to fund equipment & school places at Stanley College in Jaffna, sponsor education for children orphaned by the war as well as numerous projects in ‘tea growing country’.


Our single estate teas meets rainforest alliance requirements and EU traceability standards. We are also committed to sustainable business. Here in the UK we ensure that we use recyclable resources where possible & are always looking for increasing the ‘reuse & recycle’ capacity of the business. The way we work also looks to limit food waste. Did you know used tea & coffee make excellent compost? - ask one of our staff to take home free organic compost today! 


Investment in people is central to what we do at Pekoe Mellow.  More specifically we believe that education provides  enlightenment, skills & independence that will be an asset with whatever the future holds. Our business infrastructure is governed by our F.A.B. philosophy (Fair, Access, and Best ethos). In practice our F.A.B philosophy means FAIR systems, so all can ACCESS excellence, facilitating people to be their BEST.  F.A.B. is realised in the day to day running of the teahouse through dedicated training time. At the centre of this project is the belief that all staff are leaders, knowledgeable & mindful which fosters them to achieve excellence here & in the future. More broadly, this ethos means the benefits are felt by customers, growers & staff.  We hope that this reaches our customers via our refreshments & activity schedules we offer, our growers via ethical work schemes & our employees via ongoing training.