Black teas are carefully monitored for oxidation which gives its dark colour as the leaves change from green to brown as they come into contact with oxygen. Black tea should be brewed from 3 - 3.5 minutes when using stronger teas & up to 4.5 minutes for more delicate varieties. 


Green tea is dehydrated to prevent oxidation which gives it its fresh green appearance. The leaves are delicate so it is important to use hot not boiling water to brew a cup of green tea that is not over-bitter. For the perfect taste green tea should be brewed for 3.5 - 4.5 minutes depending on the variety. 


Oolong tea is a partially oxidised tea. A relatively new type of tea developed in the 17th century that sits between green & black tea family. Oolongs will need 4.5 - 6 minutes proving time depending on the variety.


Our single source teas are selected with seasonal variations in mind. The favourable climate allows for tea to be grown all year long in Sri Lanka, meaning we can get the freshest tea from the fields to your cup all year round. Tea taste varies throughout the year as subtle climatic changes bringing out nuances. Our single source tea comes from the Kelani Valley where tea is usually picked three weeks prior to sale, it is within these three weeks that quality assurance of the tea takes place. The most prized leaves are gathered in January to the end of March, when the flavour is most delicate.  


Our blended & fruit teas also take into account the best being harvested to ensure freshness; the zesty flavours of blood oranges in January, bergamot in April, the plentiful summer fruits of August, through to comforting chestnut in December. This commitment to the changing seasons is carried through to our food whether it is freshly prepare cakes or savoury tea accompaniments. Be sure to check the specials board to get the season’s best.